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In the Spotlight with Macy Gray

Giuliano Bekor

The true mark of an entertainer lies just as much in individuality as it does in talent. From Michael Jackson’s distinct vocal hiccups, to Ella Fitzgerald’s effortless scatting, the greats possess an inimitable quality unique only to themselves. Macy Gray is no exception. Boasting her trademark vocal rasp, her diamond-encrusted microphone stand, and a jazz-nuanced set list, the singer’s live performances showcase her unmistakable style.

After recently wrapping up a world tour, Macy Gray continues to draw crowds with her stage presence. Due to popular demand, Gray prepares to tackle a slew of summer concerts, namely the Essence, Beale Street, Black Sea, and Nice Jazz festivals.

“I love festivals,” the singer shares. “Only true music heads to festivals. The kind that will get people up early and stay all day in a field - sometimes in the rain or the freezing cold - just to hear it. I'm always honored to play for fans like that.”

In addition to performing, Gray admits to keeping busy with writing and recording for two upcoming albums, though she remains tight-lipped of their titles and content.

“I plan to get in the habit of putting new music out all the time,” she comments. “I want music to come out of me every time I breathe. We have new material coming in July and by the end of the year.”

Amidst a whirlwind of projects, Gray also aspires to step behind the camera and get involved with her second passion: filmmaking. The singer is no stranger to the occasional film role, having starred in such motion pictures as “Spider-Man”, “Scary Movie 3”, and most recently, “For Colored Girls”, alongside Janet Jackson.

As far as future movie work, the singer reveals, “what I really want to do is make my own movies...soon!”

Credits: Macy Gray, Stacey Perry, Christopher Vanek, Giuliano Bekor

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