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In the Spotlight with Cody Simpson

Rachel Been

As 14 year-old Cody Simpson takes the stage at the Dixie Convention Center, the crowd of thousands sends a roar of hysterics and within seconds, creates a sea of digital cameras and cell phones ready to capture his every move.

Simpson, the latest teen heartthrob to arrive on the scene since Justin Bieber, is currently embarking on a six-week tour with fellow YouTube sensation, Greyson Chance. If the first concert is any indication of the tour’s success, Simpson and Chance are in for a wild time.

“The first night [of the “Waiting4U” tour] was incredible,” the singer says. “It was in Utah and there were so many people there. I get along very well with Greyson too, so it’s great. He’s a very nice guy. It’s cool to be touring with someone else around your age.”

Though one might expect the adult responsibilities of a tour to ravage the duo’s ordinary childhoods, a peek into Simpson’s tour bus suggests otherwise. Packed with typical adolescent indulgences, the singer’s bus remains a teen haven away from the public eye.

“You can find lots and lots of food,” Simpson shares. “I love food like cookies and sour candy. I have my guitar here and Greyson’s piano is in a trailer behind us. I have my laptop too.”

Once outside the premises of his bus, however, the Australian native is confronted with mobs of fans pleading for autographs, asking for pictures, and mouthing the lyrics to his songs.

“I think it’s one of the coolest things ever,” he comments. “I couldn’t ask for a better group of fans to be supporting me. I love them very, very much. Last night was crazy. There were mobs trying to get out of the venue, so [Greyson and I] had to have people come and try to get us out. Coming from Australia and not even thinking that I’d be able to make anything out of my music, it’s a cool feeling. I’m still trying to get used to it, but it’s getting bigger and bigger and I’m excited of what it’s become."

Simpson has managed to establish a close relationship with his fan base via Twitter, Facebook, and Ustream, where followers can connect and keep in touch with the singer at all times. Fans have since responded with a staggering amount of support, in the form of pictures, videos, and adoring messages.

“It’s incredible,” the singer says of their loyalty. “I don’t know how much you’d have to admire someone to actually do that. The fact that they think that about me is very flattering and humbling.”

Simpson’s fan base continues to grow as he makes his way through the tour, as well as his upcoming appearance at KIIS FM’s annual Wango Tango concert, where he hopes to meet T-Pain.

The singer also reveals that fans can expect new material after the tour concludes.

“I’m releasing my first new official single in about two weeks,” he teases. “The new album will be out sometime in the summer…maybe June or July. Then, things will get really busy.”

Credits: Cody Simpson, Kelly McWilliam, Atlantic Records, Rachel Been (ORIGINAL PHOTO LINK), Andrew Zaeh

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