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In the Spotlight with Janet Jackson

Courtesy of Guttman PR

One month into her 35-city tour, singer Janet Jackson reflects on taking the stage and once again performing her greatest hits to the world. “It is amazing,” she says. “I love performing for my fans. I get so much energy from them.”

Fresh off the heels of her prior movie engagements, Jackson embarked on her first world tour since 2008, in support of her greatest hits album, Number Ones. The appropriately entitled, Up Close and Personal Tour, offers both the performer and her fans an intimate concert experience unlike any of her past tours. “I was in New York for a private date at Radio City Music Hall,” she comments. “It was so much fun to look out into the audience and be able to see each face—to see all the fans and how they were enjoying the show. All I could think about was that this was how I wanted to do my next tour. I'm glad that I am doing this tour up close and personally. It has been amazing.”

Jackson’s fans have played an integral role in determining the tour’s host cities, as her official website launched a voting process which allowed the singer to heed their input. The end result generated a diverse group of cities, ranging from Taipei and Paris to Houston and Monte Carlo. “I am looking forward to all of them,” the singer says of their choices. “The fans helped me to plan this tour and that is making each city so much fun.”

Between traveling and performing, the multi-platinum singer also finds time to give back to her fans and recognize those who have made a difference. “Everywhere that I look I see negative images in the news,” she explains. “I think it is important to recognize kids that are doing positive things to impact their communities. That is how we will see real change in our world. I'm asking everyone in the cities that I am performing in-- families, friends and teachers-- to nominate kids that they think I should consider. Everyone can do this on my website, The kids, as well as the first person that nominates them, will get free tickets to my show and I'll meet them backstage after. I have loved meeting these kids. They are so inspirational to me."

That inspiration may play an integral role with her upcoming project, she admits. “I am planning on recording a new CD later this year,” Jackson reveals. “I will wait till I am in the studio and be inspired by what is going on in my life at that time.”

From shooting movies to embarking on a tour and recording a new album, Jackson’s powerhouse work ethic shows no signs of slowing down. The hitmaker recently embraced her title as author after releasing her self-help book, “True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself”. Several weeks following its February 15th release, the book charted number one on the New York Times Bestsellers list.

Jackson’s latest venture has once again proven her capability to raise the bar in every creative medium. While many might wonder how the singer continues to top herself throughout the years, it seems that her slew of success follows no clear-cut path.

“I don’t know…” she chuckles. “I guess I get bored and have to change things up. I am a creative person and love to work.”

Credit: Janet Jackson, Danielle Marie Owens, Guttman PR

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